Building is a dynamic, constantly-changing industry. The scope of possible designs and tremendous variety of materials continues to grow every day; codes and regulations, safety and liability, and environmental concerns... are just a few of the complications and pitfalls that can turn a building project into a financial disaster and/or an emotional nightmare.

A small investment of time and money spent with an experienced guide can repay big dividends.


  • Pre-purchase consultation: Land
  • Pre-purchase consultation:existing buildings
  • Project Planning & Permits: Land use/ Codes/ Engineering
  • Project Financing/ Budget development
  • Owner builder resources/ Supervision/ Inspections
  • Referrals to professionals and suppliers
  • Specification Review
  • Dispute resolution/ Expert witness (Arbitration)
  • Americans with Disabilities Act compliance
  • Construction Defects/ Correction Analysis
  • Fencing/retaining walls/ security
  • Landscaping/parking
  • Road access
  • Utilities
  • Wells/ Water systems/ Drainage
  • Septic systems
  • Solar design
  • Site Engineering: Soils/steep slopes
  • Green builing advice

My experience in this industry gives me the most valuable experience with materials and methods. It's been my pleasure to work with hundreds of craftspeople and suppliers, appreciating and working with those who are best in their field.

My success is largely dependent on this extended team of consciencious professionals; I continue to work them and those who continue to provide and excell in their delivery. That is the reason I am confident in wholeheartedly recommending them to my clients. Among them are an exclusive number of General Contracters that share my commitment to creativity and value.

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