Dr. Igor Shishkin D.D.S.
"Thanks to efforts and expertise of Gordon Longhurst Design and Construction for bringing to life
this state-of-the-art facility."

Family Friends Board of Directors
"Your design and construction of the Sloan Children's Center has benefited Family Friends clients, staff, and the community of Grants Pass. You have made a difference in the life of the agency and the children we serve."

Ron and Colene Martin
"Thank you for taking on my project. I am very happy with the results and your speed."

Ron Shannon
"A job well done. We are proud to show off your efforts."

Louise LaBarbara
"I really apppreciate all the extra things you did... If I ever win the lottery and decide to build a mansion, the job is yours."

Tom and Judy Bormuth
"We thank you so very much for being a great contractor to work with."

Bill and Chris Gerard
"...a very fine house, which I am very happy with... have already recommended you to several people as being the most honest and best contracter in town."

George and Michelle Personius
"Sure love our new house. Thanks for the terrific job you did for us."

Ron and Jane Silveira
"Thank you again for building such a nice house for us. You were honest and fair and very helpful to us from the very beginning...We love the house."

Marion Miller
"I deeply appreciate the fine job you did in building my house. I love the place. It has been such a great experience working with you."

Jane and R.J. Farr
"Thoughtfulness is discerning and meeting our needs, attention to detail, fiscal care and good communication made our story have a happy ending."

Judy Smith
"The house turned out so lovely. Thank you."

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